Admission procedures at Georgian universities for Foreign Citizens

Application may be done by:

The Citizens of Georgia, Foreign Countries and Citizens who do not have permanent residence having rights of Study at Accredited Program of Accredited Higher Educational Institutions of Georgia without Passing Unified National Examinations or Unified Master’s Examinations

Eligibility criteria

- Study at accredited programs without passing Unified National Examinations is accessible for:

  • School-graduates who: received secondary general education or education equal to it abroad during last 2 years have been receiving general education abroad
  • Students who have been living abroad during last two or more years and study at higher educational institution recognized by the legislation of that (foreign) country and are willing to transfer from higher educational institution of foreign country to higher educational institution in Georgia.
  • Students who have been living abroad during last 2 or more years and study.

For School-graduates:

  • The completed application form
  • 4 photos;
  • Copy of citizenship document: Passport or national identity card;
  • Copy of document identifying secondary general or equivalent education received abroad legalized or approved by Apostil
  • Original document certifying that, the candidate has been receiving course of general education abroad, during last 2 years or one of the following documents confirming domicile in a foreign country for the last two or more years
    • registration in a foreign country;
    • consular registration;
    • any other document, which, according to the legislation of a foreign country, confirms the fact of domicile of an individual on its territory;
  • Written consent of a university in Georgia confirming the possibility of the candidate’s enrollment at the Institute;
  • Health certificate.

All documents must be translated into Georgian and be notarized

For students:

The following documents are required for students, willing to be transferred from abroad to a university in Georgia

  • The completed application form
  • 4 photos
  • Copy of citizenship document: Passport or national identity card (all pages need to be copied);
    Note: Applications of candidates having no citizenship must be supplemented by Residence Registration Certificate, instead of document defined by the paragraph 2.
  • Copy of document certifying that the person is currently studying at Higher Educational Institution abroad, that is recognized by that country (for students).
    • transcript (grade list) from home university;
    • copy of Bachelor Diploma and Diploma Supplement (for graduate candidate)
  • The certificate must convey the information about passed courses, including lecture hours/credits and grades received by the candidate (transcript);
  • Written consent of a University in Georgia confirming the possibility of the candidate’s enrollment (providing the candidate’s name, family name, faculty and specialization) at the Institute, within the scope of vacant places defined on the basis of the Institutional Accreditation. (Document will be issued by the International Affairs Department of the university in Georgia).
  • Health certificate & vaccination card, issued by a certified and licensed general practitioner;

All documents should be translated into Georgian and properly notarized.

A applicant must present a written consent of the principal of the institution selected by a candidate on possibility of his/her enrollment in vacant positions within the scope of general number of the students (first/last name and faculty/specialty).
Application with missing documents will not be accepted.

After receiving of such written consent from Rector of the university in Georgia, we proceed to submit an application requesting for validation of educational credentials to the legal entity of public law – National Centre for Education Quality Enhancement of Georgia, according to Order №224/N of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia (December 29, 2011) approved “The Rule for submission and review of the documents required for high-school graduates/graduate students/students with the purpose of study in the higher education  institutions of Georgia without passing uniform national entrance/general graduate examinations”.