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Over the years we have partnered with many institutions and agencies to provide academic and career opportunities to many students.  And for many of our students, studying in Georgia is an exciting and rewarding experience. Admission Fix give students all over the world the chance to learn in world-class institutions, the possibility of making friends from different cultures, take on exciting adventures and the opportunity to experience all that Georgia has to offer. 

Our International students rate Admission Fix as one of the top Educational Tourism Firms for students desiring to study in Georgia. We help many students from around the world study in Georgia and part of the reward of what we do is the expression of gratitude we receive from our customers.  As we hope to share your testimony, We invite you to browse some of our recent success stories .


“As a new college student, I had a lot of goals and aspirations, but I didn’t really know how to go about reaching them. I thank God that I got to know about Admission Fix. They gave me an incredible amount of resources, guidance, and help for me to realize my dreams.  Now I am studying Medicine in Georgia!”

Laura Adeoye Student, TSMU

“Admission Fix is very effective. It took them only 10 days to make everything ready for my son to move from UAE to Georgia for studies. Honestly I didn’t know it could be this fast.  And I am happy with the accommodation they provided him and how they have treated him so far. I am satisfied”.

Mohamed Elsayed Father of Ahmed, 2016

“I got to know about Admission Fix through a friend. When I contacted them i noticed that the staff were well informed about education in Georgia. The staff were extremely passionate about what they do and wanted me come to Georgia; the staff really cared about me. I will be studying Dentistry in University of Georgia. All thanks to Admission Fix. I highly recommend Admission Fix to anyone desiring to study in Georgia”

Karim Hisham Student, UG

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