Study In Georgia (Country) For International Students

This is a complete guide about life and study in Georgia (Country) for international students. Here, you will find every thing about universities, English language institutes, career and academic opportunities.

Every year, thousands of students travel to study in Georgia. With top-notch education standards, Georgia is fast becoming a favourite study destination amongst international students. The latest Statistics from Immigration shows that many of the students come from different countries such as India, Nigeria, Iran and arab countries such as UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman top the list of International students in Georgia.

First of all, Georgia is so attractive to many International students because it is a very Safe country, with cheap cost of living when compared to other European countries, and a Low tuition fees in the universities in Georgia.

The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is a very culturally diverse city where people of difference races, religion and ethnicity coexist peacefully. The population of Georgia is made up of Caucasians, Persians, Arabs, Kurds, Africans, Carribeans, Europeans as well as Americans.

What are the admission requirements?

The documents required to get admission in Georgia are:

  1. A copy of High school certification or degree certificate
  2. International Passport.
  3. Pass the University Interview. All universities in Georgia are required to conduct an interview to make sure the student can communication in English language. This is compulsory.

Would you like to know if your spoken English skills are good enough? Contact us now for a free trial Interview.

After fulfilling these requirements, the initial admission takes just one week. And the final admission take a 40 days Maximum. The registration fee starts from $100 upwards depending on the University you are applying to.

Georgian Universities admit students all year long………………..

Why Georgia Education System make the best choice?

Georgia’s education system offers world class educational programs for local and International students. Currently, there are over 50 internationally high institutions in Georgia. They all have programs that have been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and other local and International accrediting bodies.  

Are degrees from Georgian Universities accepted around the world?

Yes! Students can use degrees issued by universities in Georgia to get jobs and work in their home countries and other countries around the world upon graduation.  The top Universities In Georgia for International are signatories of the Bologna process and many other International treaties, this means that the educational degree and diplomas from these Georgian Universities are accepted In Europe and many other countries around the world. You can see the list of universities with programs that are accredited by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia here.

Many Career and Academic opportunities In Georgia:

There are many career and academic opportunities in Georgia for International students. Currently, there are Over 110 Bachelor degree programsMaster’s degree programs and Doctorate degree programs in Georgia that are taught In English language for International students.

What about Student Visa?

After getting admission to study In Georgia, some Students need Visa to enter Georgia while some students may not need to have visa to enter Georgia. Read our Georgian Visa and Residence permit guide to get detailed information about Georgian Student Entry visa. Or Find and contact the Embassy of Georgia closest to your country for guidance.

 Low Tuition Fees

Most students choose to study In Georgia (Europe) because of the relatively low tuition fees in Georgia. To see very concise details about the programs accredited in for International students and their average tuition fees click here.

Find the list of programs accredited for International students and their average tuition fees.

Cost of Studying In Georgia In Georgia

Georgia has a relatively low cost of living. Therefore students can enjoy European lifestyle and high standard of living without breaking the bank. Food, clothing and other basic amenities are cheap in Georgia. The Minimum cost of accommodation in Georgian cities is $200 per month. For students who wish to live alone, we recommend the student to budget $250 to $300 per month to rent a very conducive modern flat near their university. Students who opt to live in shared flats or hostels can spend as low as $150 per month.

Also, the utility costs (Internet, gas, water cleaning and electricity bills) in Georgia is very low.

Student Life In Georgia

Nature: The life experience in Georgia is one of the main reasons students study abroad in Georgia. Georgia has many historical sites including 5 UNESCO heritage sites which attracts millions of tourists to Georgia every year. Georgia has very conducive weather and beautiful natural landscapes which are ecological home to many rare animals in Europe. The natural features, large stretch of Caucasus Mountains, forests and rivers present in Georgia makes it a fantastic destination for students to study and explore.

Culture:  Another reason Students choose Georgia as their study destination is to experience the beautiful ancient cultures of Georgians. Georgia is located on the banks of the Black Sea and is a cultural bridge, as it is located on the Asian and European borders. Georgia is home to a diverse and unique mix of cultures stemming from the common history of the surrounding countries and its strategic location between the two continents.

What is the next step?

The next  thing is to take action. Our offices provide professional assistance and advice to students who want to study in Georgia. We provide the latest information on suitable universities, programs, admission procedure, visas, immigration procedures and other services which help student safe time and get the best study experience in Georgia.

Our Services include:

  • University placements and ensure the student get Admission
  • Entry Visa application support
  • Airport Pick Up on arrival
  • Find Accommodation or Hostel for the study
  • Apply for Residence permit for the student.

For more information or inquiries, Please contact us on the numbers and e-mail addresses listed below .

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