Cost of Living in Georgia

Georgia’s living expenses

Here, we’ll break down what a comfortable Moderate existence in Georgia will cost you. Following this article, you will have a better idea of how much money you will need to get by in Georgia. It is important to note that the essay is written primarily with international students in mind who are considering a move to Georgia for their education. Let’s go in right now.


During the warm season, international students in Georgia pay an average of $50 a month for utilities (120Gel). And $100 (240Gel) in winter.

Optic Internet 30MB-36Gel (Same in winter)

Water, light, and sanitation cost 44 gel (same in winter)

Gas- 40 gel and about 130 gel in the winter season 

The cost may be higher or lower based on the student’s modest or expensive habits.


Everyone pays 0.50gel ($0.20) for a ticket on public transportation (Bus and Metro). Students with “students cards,” on the other hand, only have to pay 0.20gel ($0.09) for a ticket. Every ticket can be used for 1.30 hours. With the ticket card, a person can get on any public vehicle for free during the 1.30-hour window.

Yandex and Bolt are available in Georgia’s biggest cities for people who would rather take a taxi. A 7km taxi ride costs about 5Gel, or $2. And people who study in Georgia and want to buy a car can do so at a reasonable price.

Tuition Fees

In Georgia, the average cost of tuition for an MBBS (Medicine) program is $6,000 per year, while non-MBBS programs like Business, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, and Technology cost only $4,000.

Monthly Rent

We advise that students set aside $300–$500 per month for housing in the city center of Tbilisi. And between $200 and $350 for a place to stay outside of Tbilisi.

Want to spend less on apartments? See Accommodation in Georgia for Foreign Students for information on the quality of apartments in Georgia that fit your budget, along with pictures and tips on how to spend less on apartments.

Leisure and Fun

Many of Georgia’s tourist spots are free to get into. Some, on the other hand, charge an entrance fee.

Billiard Board 7gel($3/hr), Zoo Ticket -3gel($1.40), Top Night clubs-10gel ($4), Local Daily Tours from Tbilisi are about $50 and cost 120 gel. Male Haircut -20gel($8) for hairline saving barbers 

Pedicure <100gel(<$40), Students can get in to some Georgia tourist spots for less money because they are students.

Shoes and Clothes

With a student card, you get discounts and sales offers occasionally using this card


We can all agree that Georgia has some of the best restaurant fare at some of the lowest prices.

Price estimates for some common Tbilisi grocery store items are as follows: 1 kilogram of beef is approximately 16 gel (about $6.5).

1kg Potato- 1.40gel ($0.60)

Bread is priced at 1 gel ($0.40).

Monthly Average Student Budget

40% in housing rent

Food and Recreation: 37.5%

22.5% in utility

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