Georgian Visa and Residence Permit

Georgian Visa and Residence Permit for Students

The Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that in order to enter Georgia, a foreign national must first obtain a Georgian visa, which can be printed out and placed in the visitor’s passport or provided electronically (electronic visa). If they satisfy the criteria for visa-free travel, some foreign visitors may be qualified to visit Georgia without a visa.


All international students therefore belong to at least one of the immigration groups listed below.

Category 1: Students entering Georgia without a visa

Category 2: Students who require a D3 visa to enter Georgia as students.

Is a visa required to enter Georgia?

These 94 nations’ citizens are eligible for visa-free entry and stay in Georgia for a full year. Visitors from the 50 countries listed above may enter Georgia without a visa and remain there for 90 days within any 180-day period.

How to apply for Georgian Study Visa (Stamped)

All visitors from abroad who require a visa to enter Georgia are advised to apply for a Georgia study visa (D3 Visa), which is either electronically issued or stamped on a passport ( D3 E-Visa )

International students must first get a study visa (D3 visa), which is valid for 90 days and is a requirement for acquiring the appropriate residence permit.

The Georgian Embassy closest to the applicant’s home country publishes the conditions for getting a D3 visa for each country national and stateless person on its website. This page will help you locate the Georgian Consulate in your area.

Please visit the website of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia for more information about the visa requirements for each country’s citizens and stateless people who reside in the relevant countries.

How to apply for Georgian Temporary Residence Permit (TRC)

Citizens of those nations who enter Georgia on the basis of a student visa must visit the Public Service Hall during the first 45 days of the validity of their visa to complete their application for a temporary residence permit in Georgia.

The Public Service Hall website,, has more information about resident permits.

How to apply for Georgian E-Visa To Visit Your Child Studying In Georgia

To apply for a Georgian e-visa, make a payment, and get your e-visa, go to the Georgian e-visa portal. Read more here about the Georgian e-visa.

Please be aware that a Georgian E-visa does not ensure access for foreign students who want to study there. Foreign tourists are the primary recipients of the Georgian E-visa.

For a visual tutorial on how to obtain the Georgian e-visa, view the video.




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