How to apply to Study In Georgia (Country)

Admission Process

There are five steps to complete admission process at any University in Georgia.


Students can apply online. After reading the complete information about the university,  tuition fee and courses you will like to study in Georgia. Then you have to choose the course you will like like to study in Georgia. After deciding the course, you should send scanned copies of the following documents to us by email

  •  Filled Application Form
  •  Copy of International Passport.
  •  Copy of  Higher Secondary School Certificate (For undergraduate students)

 After reviewing the above written documents, we shall notify you about your acceptance or rejection. If you will be accepted then we shall tell you which universities are offering to admit you to study your preferred course in Georgia. And you will be informed about their tuition fees and other details about the universities.

Counseling, mediation, & legal representation


  After deciding which of the universities you will like to study in, we will require to take these next steps:      

  •  Fill the University’s Application Form (we will provide it to you)
  •  Pay their application fee (Usually between 100 US$ – $500 depending on university).

 Please ensure that all documents are scanned properly and readable. And you can make your payment by bank transfer, by western Union or Money Gram. Please send us a copy of the receipt of payments to confirm your payment. All the documents you submit will be authenticated at relevant Ministries in Georgia.

 Authentication of documents usually takes 5 working days while the final enrollment order from the Ministry of Education takes approximately 2 to 4 weeks after authentication of documents. When the final order of enrollment is received by the University, the student can come to study in Georgia. Also, the student becomes eligible to apply for Georgian residence permit or to apply for Georgian Student Visa.

Immigration Procedure & Visa


After receiving the Final order of enrollment from the Ministry of Education, the student will be informed by Admission Fix on the appropriate time to enter Georgia. Student who does not need Visa to enter Georgia  will be guided on the Immigration Procedure he/she must undergo to ensure successful entry into Georgia. 

While students who need Visa to enter Georgia shall also receive professional Visa application service. We shall provide you the Invitation letter from the University, Admission Confirmation letter and other visa support letter required from legal institutions in Georgia for you to get a Georgian student visa. After getting all Visa support letter from Admission Fix and guidance on the application process, the Student must contact the recommended Georgian Embassy or Consulate nearest to him/her.

To know if you are exempted from getting a  Georgian visa to enter Georgia, please check the official website of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Georgia. Or Contact us to confirm suitable immigration procedure for your nationality.

Students who need Visa to enter the territory of Georgia can see detailed information on Visa Requirements here

Arrival, Accommodation & Registration


After undergoing Immigration procedure to enter Georgia or getting Visa from the Georgian Embassy or Consulate, the student should inform us about his/her flight details (With arrival dates and time). One of our staffs will be at the airport to receive the student. 

In case student will not inform us about his/her arrival plans, and as a result, gets deported back to his/her home country by the Georgian Immigration Police, the student will bear full responsibility for his/her lose. And the student will looses right to any form of compensation and support he/she is entitled to from Admission Fix.

After being received by Admission Fix at the airport, the student will be taken to a pre-arranged accommodation to check in. 

Every student must have his/her original travel and educational documents with him. Every student will be required to register at the University within few days after arriving into Georgia. And he/she will be required to pay his/her first year tuition fees at the University after registering at the University. 

Students are advised to have full tuition fees and all charges as written on Admission Confirmation Letter by the University. After completing registration, the university will allow you to start attending classes.

Georgian Residence Permit


Every student in Georgia is obliged to apply for residence permit at most 40 days prior to the expiration date of his period of legal stay in Georgia. For this reason, we advice students who do not require Visa to enter Georgia to conclude all admission application process while they are in their home country. 

Since the Admission/enrollment process takes approximately 3 to 6 weeks, student is advised to start this process before entering Georgia. This will ensure that he/she will have enough legal dates in Georgia to apply for the Georgian Residence permit before the 40th day deadline.

Every student should stay in touch with his/her assigned manager at Admission Fix for proper guidance on the rules for getting a Georgian residence permit. Student who needs Visa to enter Georgia will be guided accordingly by Admission Fix to ensure that he/she receives his/her Georgian residence permit successfully.

Once the student gets his/her residence permit, the student can live and study in Georgia. And he/she has every right and privileges reserved for citizens and residents of Georgia. 

We hope to see you soon.

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