Become An Agent for Universities In Georgia

Recruit International Students, Get Full Admission and Immigration Support,  And Earn Commission when your students arrive in Georgia.

You will be able to register your students into the top 25 universities in Georgia with accredited programs for International. You will not need to undergo the rigorous task of securing contracts with the Universities in Georgia. Through Admission Office LLC you will have access to all our partner Universities. Also, we have the best reward deals on the table from most of the institutions.

Most Universities in Georgia require applicants to be physically present in Georgia to complete their enrollment process at the University – especially for getting recognition from the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement. Since we are a Georgia based firm, we are able represent our partners at these Universities and the relevant Ministries, as a result, helping them fill the void of not being present in Georgia.

Every year we help hundred of students successfully get their Visas to come study in Georgia. Through our experience at various Embassies of Georgia around the world, we are able to provide sound and up to date guidance to our partners applying for Visa for their students. Since 2017, we have maintained 100% visa application success rate. And we desire to maintain the success record going forward into the future too.

Together we are stronger! With the support of our amazing partners all over the world, we are able to deliver large number of students to various Universities in Georgia. And this gives us leverage to negotiate and earn very lucrative deals from our partner Universities in Georgia. From this we are able to deliver better commission package from the Universities to our partners.

Finding suitable accommodation for students who are new to a country can be one of the most daunting tasks any student/agent can try to accomplish. Thanks to our Student Support Unit, we are able to rent and retain apartments for International students in Georgia. Also, we are able to procure and manage hostels for our partners who recruit large number of students each year.

When it comes to recruiting students to study in Georgia, Admission Office LLC is the one stop solution that will enable you

>Expand destination options for your students to Georgia.
> Grow the number of programs you offer your students
> Increase the number of Universities you have for your students 
> Add new Service and product lineup for your clients.
> Earn very good commission and Bonus.
> Grow the reputation of your company.

How Our Global Partner Program Works

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Admission Processing

Through Admission Office LLC, you will be able to register your International students to 25+ Universities in Georgia. You get up-to-date information about registration process at each University and we ease your paper work for you.

Marketing and Networking

Our partners get to exclusive marketing tools that help them in their recruitment campaigns in their local markets. Both startup and well established partners can benefit from our huge network of support affiliates. 

Visa/Immigration Support

Enjoy your peace of mind while our support team provides reliable assistance for your students as they navigation the Study Visa and Immigration documentation process. 

Arrival/Local Support

We have an efficient Service Support Unit that are on stand 24hr/7 and ready to pickup students from any Airport in Georgia, find accommodation for the student and help the student properly settle in Georgia.

Legal Representation

Our superb lawyers are available to provide full legal representation for underage students (minors) throughout their stay in Georgia – especially in the absence of their parents. And we are available to provide reliable legal consultation and support for all our students during their stay in Georgia.

Hostel/Accommodation Reservation

We help our partners secure apartments for their students. Also, we are able to procure and manage hostels for our partners who recruits large number of students each year.

Social Support Network

Admission Office LLC has huge data of students in Georgia; their social, national and societal alignments, religious/non-religious affiliations, and academic fellowship. And this data helps us provide 

Interests Protection and Growth Hacks

Our easy-to-learn and easy-to-use tools will help you increase the number of students you recruit and grow your income for your company exponentially. 

Partner Success Stories

"We work with Admission Office LLC because they help us register our students fast, their services are affordable and they are the most convenient way to recruit International students into Universities in Georgia. Also, Admission Office's Flexibility and dynamism allows us to be effective and more profitable. They are a strong partner to have when sending students to study in Georgia (Country) I am really delighted to be working with this agency.
Chidera Madueke
CEO, Caso Educational
“We considered quite a few options when we started recruiting students to study in Georgia, and are very happy to say that our Partnership with Admission Office is by far the right choice. Their expertise and broad knowledge added immeasurable value to our clients.We wanted to optimize resources, reduce cost and continually increase our service levels for our students and thanks to our partnership with Admission Office LLC we are doing just that.
labeeb abuimara
Executive Manager, G &E Travels
“Before now, I was working directly with one of the Universities in Georgia. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the University officials recommended that I contact Admission Office LLC for them to help me navigate the challenges I was facing then. And I stuck with Admission Office ever since I got to know about their wonderful services. The best part is I now earn better commission from Admission Office than I was getting directly from that University".
Director, Top Academy
"For few years we worked directly with four Universities in Georgia before getting to know about . Admission Office provided Resources, insights, interpretation and administrative support throughout a complex, time-consuming process. They guided us to an excellent digital agency partnership that perfectly matches our business needs, our brand and our professional personalities. We’re proud to partner with many of the most trusted Recruitment Agency in Georgia (Country).
rimsha jones
Manager, Easy Admission Consult has been a true partner throughout our entire Recruitment process. They are always clear-headed and provide fair and sound advice to us. It is clear that they knows what they are doing and have been in the business, in many capacities, and understand what works and what doesn’t for Education Consultancies like ours. We are proud partners of Admission Office LLC!.
Quintin Angus
CE0. Leaders Academy LTD
"Our cooperation with Admission Office GE gave us more programs and universities options for our clients. Because of this, We have been able to help more foreign students to launch their academic studies in various Universities in Georgia. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to successfully help a lot of students arrive in Georgia for studies thanks to our partnership with Admission Office GE."
Jillie Tempest
Manager, BIC Consultancy

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